Immersive content creates an experience similar to that of professionals, so you will be perfectly prepared to immediately apply your new skills in Building Information Modeling.Know-how and understanding are processes that require three types of activities: acquiring skills by seeing and doing, testing them in a real project environment to check and clarify about the application of the processes, and acquiring a vision of the major issues that presents Building Information Modeling for a shared and participatory understanding.
The system and methodologies used by our BIM CURRICULUM are guaranteed by the thousands of BIM profiles it has created around the world, and it is trusted by the industry.

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An essential component of our training methodology are the BIM courses or levels. The combination of these levels, perfectly structured in a flexible and modular system, will allow you to acquire new skills in an apprenticeship project-based, professional in nature.

The massive use of video and media greatly favors the learning process, in which forums with dozens of colleagues of your same call create a community which our teachers and tutors constantly help 24/7.


Collaborative projects are the life of BIM CAMPUS. The teams will open from the first moment, since our “learn by doing” methodology it needs to be applied in real life, immersively.

Projects are made up of your teammates and all stakeholders or intervening agents, so that your experience is as real as in the industry itself. Those more complex projects and multisectoral are the most benefited by our methodology, since You will be operational from the moment you finish your training itinerary.

One of the greatest advantages of the great variety of projects and countries is to practice with the project that you need in the country that you need.


Events are fundamental activities. From general webinars to group events and thematic events, are those that encourage debate among the members of BIM CAMPUS, incorporating referents in the market that they enrich with their experience and their know-how of general and specific capacities of the professional sector.

The networking that is generated is a very positive factor, complementing asynchronous mode with real-time activities, which favor the incorporation to the increasingly numerous global BIM community.


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